Friday, August 7, 2009

Changing Everyday!

My quiet shy child is quiet and shy no more. Everyday she blossoms into this new person who seems to be unfolding before my eyes. Yesterday she really started talking more. She can now say "mama", "poo poo", and "bye bye". In addition to that I think "Ah Bwa" really loudly indicates that she wants something in her sights and a long string of Ls like "lalilala" has something to do with needing to go potty.

Yesterday she started the funniest game where she would take her bow out of her hair, walk over to me, throw it at my feet, and then run away laughing. I would then chase her to put her bow back in to start the game all over. In the meantime I was also thinking how I did not wait all this time to have a girl for her to refuse to wear bows. Super glue?

Today she waved for the first time which was really significant because it was a great repeated use of her finger extensors. Since a lot of your finger extensors are also wrist extensors, this was encouraging to see. Finally, she puckered up to kiss me for the first time today. This was so sweet because in the past when I go in to give her a kiss, she turns away from me. Today she looked at me and puckered up (unprompted) as to say "kiss me please". It melted my heart.

Here are some pictures of my shy no more child at her brother's t-ball game Thursday night.


TanyaLea said...

It's so fun to see her blossoming in your family. And I just LOVE that she puckered up for a kiss!...S'WEET!!! :)

Seriously now!...super glue might be a little bit extreme, don't ya think!?! ...try duct tape. uhhh, no... on the other hand, use packaging tape, as it comes in 'clear' !! ;)

Blessings & Hugs,

Jenn said...

Such a cutie! How fun is it to watch her unfold!? I'm loving it!

Rose said...

she is beautiful! And potty trained already, awesome!

Carrie said...

She is a cutie!