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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I spent some time pondering this verse last night as I was laying in bed at midnight, in a hotel, listening to the cries of a little girl who had been upset for an hour.

Several years ago Trent and I heard a speaker who taught on this verse and how to prepare our arrows (kids) for the world. He said that "you will know when your quiver is full". I remember thinking then that I didn't have this firm feeling that way. I knew then that I did not want anymore kids immediately, but I didn't "know" that I was done altogether.

Well, I believe I can finally say that my quiver is indeed FULL! No vacancy in the Inn Full! My cup runneth over FULL!

Things have been a little tougher with Ruthie the last few days. She had 5 shots on Wednesday and I keep telling myself that is to blame and it will get better soon. She has just been real fussy, is not sleeping good at all, and has been rather demanding. In addition to the shots, I think we are moving out of the honeymoon phase and into the "what is my place here and how do I get what I want" phase. The challenge for me is to be firm and consistent while being compassionate to all that she has been through and must be feeling. You can pray that God will give me a clear vision for how to best parent this little girl.

Here are a few pics from our short weekend getaway.

My arrows and the chief archer

No, she doesn't have the chicken pox. She was just assaulted by a mosquito at the dinner table. That mosquito is no longer with us and I strangely enjoyed ending its days after I saw what it did to my little girl.

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TanyaLea said...

Those darn mosquitos!...we know about them all too well up here in Minnesota. It's a common joke that it is our state bird!! Though they really haven't been all that bad this summer...thank the Lord!!

Hang in their through this new phase of Ruthie's and know that we will certainly lift you up in prayer for wisdom and guidance on how to deal with it. But from what I can tell, you are on the right track. Consistancy is always one of the main keys!!

God bless! <><

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