Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Sensing" God

We are home from our Tour de Tejas or week of travels to see friends and family all over the state. It was great and Ruthie did really well.

During one of the 4+ hour drives, I was thinking about how my relationship with Christ changes with my life experiences as I go through periods where I hear and seek Him more and sometimes unfortunately, less. I was rationalizing with God that sometimes I have a hard time grasping Him because I am so sensory driven and I cannot "sense" Him per se. I don't know about how you "sense" those you love, but when I think about my husband, I see his blue eyes or feel his hand in mine. When I think about Sam, I see his wonderful smile or feel his hair in my fingers. When I think about Jack, I can smell him or feel his cheek on the back of my hand. Finally, when I think about Ruthie, I see these adorable little crooked front teeth and hear her say "ma ma". These are all things that make my heart skip a beat. But what do I have like that for God?

I was telling God about this and then it hit me. I know exactly what God smells and looks like. He looks like a crooked toothed little Chinese girl and He smells just like a spring rain. He sounds like thunder and He sounds like a 4 year old saying "I wuv you". Trent says he tastes like a good steak, but that kinda weirded me out because I would prefer not to think about eating God, but you get my point.

So as I was having this conversation with God during my drive in 100 degree sunny Texas, and I kid you not, it started to rain right over my car and guess what- I could smell it like I was sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch watching it come down. It lasted only a few minutes, but is something I will never forget. God gave me a gift that day on the way to Texarkana and I am sure that from now on when I think about God, I will smell rain. I hope you will stop and think about how you "sense" God as you try and connect with Him today.

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Christian Family said...

I love this...and I LOVE the "I GET TO"!!!
You and your sweet family are SO INSPIRATIONAL!!!
GOD shines!!!
Amanda Christian(Luft)