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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Get To

I have got the Christian industries' next big money maker. You know like WWJD that they can take and turn into t-shirts, bumper stickers, bracelets, and yes even a board game. The new phrase is "I Get To"

Let me explain...

I have been processing this theory that most of the time we as women live in the "I have to" world. You know, "I have to do laundry", "I have to stay home with a sick child", "I have to go to work", etc. I believe all of these statements are reflective of a state of being burdened.

Well let me pick these apart for a minute. What if we looked at these from another perspective and appreciated that the opportunity to wash a husband's shirt mean we have been blessed with a husband or the opportunity to take care of a sick child means that he/she is ours or the opportunity to go to work means we have a job (which in this economy is a big deal). We might just see these not from the perspective of being burdened but from the perspective of being BLESSED.

I have been working at changing my attitude in order to operate my life in the "I Get To" mindset. I can tell you that I have been focusing on this for about 2 months and it is really changing the way I view life, transitions with a new child, and just the world around me.

So we were driving to get ice cream the other night and Ruthie found the volume control for her voice. She wasn't upset, but she was entertaining herself by yelling "Ma Ma" at the top of her lungs over and over. I looked at Trent, who was about to crawl out of his skin, and he said, "We get to". Yes, we get to rejoice in the sounds of this little princess we have waited so long to hear. Thank you Jesus for all the things "I get to" experience because of your perfect plan for my life.

One of the things I get to do is spend most of my days in the land of the Jedi


Jenn said...

How blessed are we?! I get to hear Karleigh Mei talk non-stop and ask questions about EVERYTHING all day long. I'm so blessed 'cause I get to! How am I so lucky!?

TanyaLea said...

I love this post...it's exactly the perspective from which I, too, have been trying to focus on viewing my life...and teaching our kids to do the same. If we are alive, breathing, healthy, have a home, family, kids, job...whatever it may be...we are some truly BLESSED individuals. And simply by changing the way we allow ourselves to speak, actually helps to change our thought life about it, too!

I lost a childhood friend to cancer yesterday. She was only 37 years old and only found out about her cancer in July. She has a twin sister, a wonderful husband, two precious sons, and parents who love her dearly and will never forget her. I bet she would definitely encourage ALL of us to take on the "I GET TO" perspective in all areas of our lives. Life is just too short and unpredictable, so we need to start enjoying the small things and be grateful that we are able!!

Have a blessed week!! <><


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