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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Potty Training and A Few Extras

Before we left for China, we were told our definition of potty trained and the Chinese definition of potty trained are very different. We sure found that to be true.

When they gave us Ruthie, one of the first things they said was that she is potty trained. So I asked, "how does she tell you that she needs to go?". Their response was great- "Oh no, you just put her on the potty every hour." I wanted to respond, "Now which one of you did you say was trained?" but I didn't think that would be appropriate. I have no idea what the potties looked like in the orphanage, but if it was like most of China, they were holes in the ground and toilet paper was rare.

Since returning home, Ruthie has been very fascinated with what she has found in the bathroom. We are not potty trained, but we are getting there.

Busted playing with the paper again

Hey she took away my toy

Watching it swirl

Oh no it stopped. Maybe I can swirl it myself to keep it going.

On a completely different note, my dad thought I was being hard on Jack's private school from last year (in the last post) and that certainly was not my intention, so let me clarify. I was under the misguided notion that I could enroll Jack in a private Christian school and "protect" him from all those other kids out there. This was not our experience though. I am not sure I will ever be able to protect Jack from all the world will show him, but I can do a better job at preparing him for it.

The public school Jack is at now has an exemplary rating, is full of Christian teachers, is walking distance from my house, and has a good friend of mine as the Assistant Principal. I have been able to advocate for Jack's special needs there more in the last 2 weeks than I was able to do in a year at the old school because the state system has such great programs for kids with needs.

Conclusion- Christian schools are outstanding. We are just lucky enough to have an outstanding free public school 5 blocks away.

Now for putting up with me- A Bonus....

Morning hair at the Hendersons


Jenn said...

Love all the potty pics! :) She looks so little sitting up on that big potty!

And wow....that's some morning hair! How do you tame it? :)


Anonymous said...

We moved our kids to the Midway district this year....they're at the new school Castleman Creek. While we love Liveoak, we couldn't swing the financed this year and my kids had some needs they just couldn't meet adequately there! We are thankful for a great public school district! May our kids' lights shine for Jesus this year!!

Anonymous said...

Oops....anonymous was me...Shannon D.

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