Monday, August 31, 2009

Mysterious Relationship #4

Being a Christian has required me to believe in several mysterious relationships:
1. The Trinity- God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit= 1 in 3 and 3 in 1. Huh?
2. Marriage- The 2 shall become 1. Really?
3. Salvation- in an instant we go from being a child of wrath to a child of God. Wow!

...and then there is #4. I am amazed by #4 each time I look into the eyes of Ruthie and feel this overwhelming love for her.

#4 is the mysterious love that God gives a parent for an adopted child. I remember the exact moment when Ruthie went from being a child that I loved and was willing to take to being forever mine. It wasn't at Gotcha, believe it or not. It was actually months before that. I was sitting in my bed working on Trent's computer and opened my email to find a picture of her holding the pillow we sent with our faces on it. In that moment, God flipped a switch in my heart and I was unable to keep from crying because I knew she was mine.

It is a complete mystery to me how a child who is 100% Chinese can also be 100% mine- not because I have a piece of paper that says it is so but because God by his perfect plan placed her in my heart and I will never be the same. AMAZING!


Totally unrelated- Ruthie loves her new kitchen from Uncle Mark and Aunt Kelley. My decorating conscious sister in law also did a great job making sure it matched her room. Good work Kelley. :)


TanyaLea said...

GREAT post! I fully relate to all four of those 'mysteries"!!

And I just LOVE the colors in Ruthie's the stripes on the wall, and the adorable coordinating kitchen set. TOO cute! :)

Blessings and Hugs!! <><

Amy said...

LOVE the kitchen!!!

Kathy said...

Awe! I love the kitchen!!! Most of all I love
seeing how excited Ruthie is!!! So precious!

KarenD said...

Such a happy girl!

Les said...

I too know what it's like to experience relationship #4. It's amazing!! Wonderful!! Miraculous!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Great post -- love your points here. I love how you were able to sum it up briefly but so clearly. As a waiting adoptive parent, reading it is very encouraging. Thanks -