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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

God is Good

Forgive me if I have misspellings or ramblings. I am starting to think that sleep deprivation and intoxication must feel very similar based on how I feel right now and what I have heard.

About 24 hours ago I was apologizing to God for not spending more time in prayer for Ruthie during this time, but I was so wrapped up in caring for her and then getting a break when Trent came that I did a poor job at shifting my energy. I was telling my aunt about this and she said that these are the times when the prayers of others cover you and that it was ok.

So I sit here now still stunned at the incredible difference between Ruthie yesterday and Ruthie now and know that it had nothing to do with my prayers but the prayers of those who share life with me and those who don't even know us but gave of their time to lift her up. I am on facebook too and I have been amazed by friends and family members who have asked people to pray for Ruthie on their status updates and then the people I have never met who have commented that they were seeking God on her behalf.

I have a dear family member who doesn't believe in Jesus but believes that God is nature. How I wish that she could have spent the last 48 hours with me, because His hand has been so evident in this hospital room.

Thank you for your exercise of faith on behalf of my girl.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Isn't is wonderful that in the midst of our turmoil our faithful God is always in control.
Much love, Jamie

groovy mama said...

Love what i am reading!


Lillie's Mom said...

Oh how I wish I'd checked in w/ your blog sooner! Poor Ruthie! Praying for her and her sweet family right now knowing that our Great God sees you all and knows your every need....

Hunan Mommy said...

I just checked your blog today and had no idea Ruthie was going through this ordeal. Tom and I are praying for her quick healing and recovery. Blessings! Cara

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh my -- I didn't check in on your blog for a few days and missed all of this. I'm so sorry -- but I'm also so thankful that the Lord has met you and that you have seen His hand on Ruthie and on this whole last week, it sounds like. I hope she is doing much much better as I'm writing -- but I will pray for her now regardless.

TanyaLea said...

Isn't that just the neatest thing when you realize that people you have never met are out there praying on your behalf for your sweet girl!?! Prayer is the greatest gift, and it blesses my heart to no end when I hear of others praying for me or those I love. God is SO REAL, SO GOOD and SO FAITHFUL! It's wonderful to see Ruthie home now and doing so well. Singing praises along with you dear friend! And I loved your recap of the past year, as well... such a beautiful reflection of all that HE has done!! <><

Happy New Year!


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