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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Parable of Whack A Mole

When Jack was little (and life was simpler) we used to go to Chuck E Cheese almost weekly. One of my favorite games was called Whack A Mole. The idea is to hit the mole heads back down when they pop up and score as many tickets as you can to buy a reward before you leave.

I figured out that Whack A Mole is best played 1 of 2 ways. You either have to get someone else to stand beside you and whack an assigned 2 moles when they pop up or you have to release a few moles and just focus on a set few. I could actually whack more moles in 3 minutes if I just focused on 4 than if I focused on all 6.

Here is my point. I feel like my life lately looks like a game of Whack A Mole where I am desperately trying to keep everything down in its place and it is just not working. So taking lessons from simpler times, I am applying both strategies. Yesterday I resigned all of my committee chairmanships at the church (giving those moles up completely) and I am getting someone to help me clean and organize my house (help for a mole).
I feel like their is light at the end of the tunnel. Trent put it well when he said there are 350 other people who can chair those committees but only one person who can be his wife and the mother of his children. AMEN!

So now you will never see Whack A Mole the same again. :) Hope this encourages you as you try and earn more tickets for the rewards of life.

Today's Side Note:

My 3 playing outside on the playground. I love it when they all play together.

Bath time. The shaving cream was pretend. It is a bath toy and Sam had a blast.

Ruthie's rats nest when she woke up yesterday. I was afraid we might need Crisco to get rid of that one. :)

All better now


Kim S said...

You go, girl! My year "off" was one of the best things I ever did. And you know - all those committees, projects, etc, did get done. Without me!!

Carolyn said...

Hooray for Trent giving you "permission" to resign all the "stuff". The same "stuff" will still be going on at the church 20 years from now and you can join in with gusto. :) Trust me, been there done that. There is no later for kids; they need you NOW. And marshall all the help you can get. Anyone with small children needs a housekeeper if you can possibly afford it. Knowing someone else will clean helps restore your sanity!

Ginny Henderson said...

AMEN Carolyn. My sister in law said her mom told her when she got married that a housekeeper is cheaper than a divorce. :)

Amy E. said...

Girl..I so needed to read this post TODAY!!
I've got my own Moles...and I have been trying to whack them all!!
Thanks for being transparent..you are a blessing.

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