Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We Turned that Corner

Ruthie had a pretty good night. She hasn't had a fever spike since yesterday evening so we are encouraged. The Shingles is drying up and her lungs are sounding better too. Also they ruled out antibiotic resistant staph so any staph she may have is treatable. RSV is still what it is and they said she will struggle with that for weeks.

Another day of IV antibiotics and then if she doesn't have a fever spike, they are going to release us to drive home (we are 5 hours from home right now) and follow up with her pediatrician.

Looking good. Thanks for praying

Oh and a little nervous about driving home since she is still vomiting. That could be really memorable.


Naomi said...

I am so thankful!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Still praying for you though especially for the drive home!

TanyaLea said...

Praise the Lord!! This is really good news.

We will continue lifting Ruthie up in prayer... our God is above any 'diagnosis' and Ruthie does not need to suffer from the RSV affects for weeks on end... by Jesus' stripes, she WAS healed!! AMEN! Praying for "HEALTHY" non-puking travels back home for you.

Big Hugs to you and RUTHIE!!!

love, Tanya