Friday, December 11, 2009

Having a Great Time

We are having a great time in Disney World. I think the best parts have been those times when I have caught Jack and Sam just amazed by something. Today we went to Disney Studios where Sam was able to watch Star Wars and Indiana Jones shows. His life's goal is to be a Jedi or a stunt man so it was so neat to watch him watch those shows.

Jack is my thinker and moments of complete joy in life are rare because he is always trying to figure things out instead of just sit back and enjoy it. I have loved watching him kick back and enjoy this trip. There have been multiple times when I have looked over at him and seen this beautiful smile just resting on his face. Most of his smiles have come on trains and monorails. He is just that kid.

Ruthie seems to be having a great time. She is good with characters she is familiar with like Mickey, but not so pleased with those she has not seen on TV first. I think she is mainly enjoying just all being together.

Here are some pics from the last 24 hours:

We ran into another China adoptive family while watching the parade. Beautiful girls.

I thought this captured Ruthie's opinion of Jo Jo the clown

Ruthie and Jack making silly faces. They play so well together.

Complete authentic joy! I love it

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