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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Christian Ride

I don't know why so many people use the phrase "the Christian walk". Does your Christian experience feel like a walk or leisurely stroll? When I think about my years as a believer I think of a ride at an amusement park. Specifically, I think of Splash Mountain at Disney World. Let me explain...

I could probably write an entire sermon series on this, but I will try and summarize it here because I have something to share with you at the end. So hang with me.

Sam and I rode Splash Mountain together in December and the first thing I did after we buckled our seat belts is I locked arms with him. That would be my first piece of advise to any new Christian getting ready to venture into the Christian ride- Lock arms with those around you! The Christian ride was never meant to be taken alone.

The great thing about Splash Mountain is that it has so many different variables. You have climbs, free falls, and even moments of scenic peace. This is such a great picture of life as a Christian. There are moments when we can just sit in our seat and enjoy where God has placed us as we look around for a bit. But if your experience is anything like mine, those moments are often short (and frankly you don't get onto Splash Mountain for the scenery- right?).

After your short meeting with peace and tranquility, comes the climb. You know the one. You are on a 45 degree, slow, filled with anticipation (and some fear), climb. My last month has felt very much like that. I have sensed God wanting me to ask the question "What's next?". So I have asked with fear of what the answer might be. I received "nopes" on a number of things like adopting again, foster parenting, and moving. Then one day I was in the shower (where I do my best thinking) and God really laid a vision on my heart of me taking regular short term mission trips overseas to use my PT skills to help orphans and others in need.

Now I am coming to the top of the climb and the fear has become very real because this week I was invited to join a medical mission trip to Haiti in May. When you get to the top of a roller coaster, do you ever get that split second feeling of "Ah well here we go"? That is how I feel in this moment. I have had this entire climb, and waiting on God, to know that my answer could only be a definite yes! How pathetic would it be to get to the top and then climb off?

So next for me will be the thrilling ride of plunging into all that God has for me. Do you want to know what else is true of people who take on the Christian ride and choose to not get off at the top? Think about the people walking off of Splash Mountain as you are walking on. They are soaking wet! You see, you can't say "YES" to the Christian ride, take the plunge, and not look different when you are stepping off! That is one of the parts I am most looking forward to.

Today's Side Note- Ruthie and her partner in crime taking over the neighborhood

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Cheri said...

This is one of my favorite posts! Could be because I'm sitting waiting for Lia to come out of MRI but I totally understand the ride.

How awesome that God has opened doors for you to use the skills he gave you.

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