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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Memorial Box Monday- He Listens and He Answers!

7 years ago, Trent and I were living in Waco and we decided to sell our first home and build a new one on a great piece of land we found in China Spring. We broke ground in late summer and were told that our house would be complete at the end of December. When it came time to talk about selling our existing home, I panicked. What if our existing home didn't sell before it came time to close on the new one? What if it sold too quickly and we had no place to live? What if we had to come down on our price so much that we wouldn't get what we needed out of our home?

I decided to start praying for a buyer. Any buyer! Trent came home one day and told me that he was praying for a Christian couple who would offer us full price and not want to move in until January. WHAT?!? I was frustrated because placing all those specifics in his prayer request seemed ridiculous to me. After all, lost people need homes too and I was more than happy to sell them mine. :) So we went our own ways with our petitions to God.

A few weeks later our realtor called and said that a couple had contacted her and wanted to come over and talk to us about our home and their situation. We sat down in the sunroom and they told us that they had recently moved to town and had signed a lease to rent an apartment until January. However, they were very interested in our house and didn't want to lose the chance to buy it. So they were going to offer us full price in exchange for letting them close now but not move in until January. Oh and would we be interested in renting back from them for a few months? Turned out they were in a Life Group with some neighbors down the street who had been a part of a church plant from the church Trent worked at.

I about fell out of my chair as Trent was grinning from ear to ear! God has answered his ridiculously specific prayer request. Or was it so ridiculous? I learned a lot that day about God's desire to be involved in every detail of my life. I learned that He loves me so much that He wants to reveal Himself to me by answering my specific prayer requests.

When we pray, we aren't bugging Him. We aren't casting our cares into his giant mailbox that He may or may not get to in time. Instead we are talking to a very personal God who loves to hear from us and reveal Himself to us even through things as simple as the sell of a house.

A Few Photos From Our Easter:


Carolyn said...

What a great testimony! Thanks for sharing it!

groovy mama said...

Love your scrapbooking too...and your kiddos are so sweet! I just do my own in Adobe with the paper and fixings.....

Happy Spring,

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