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Monday, April 26, 2010

Memorial Box Monday- The first time I heard God's voice/He Has A Plan

So occasionally I participate in the blogger trend- Memorial Box Monday. It is an opportunity to share a time when you saw God move in your life.

This Memorial Box Monday goes way back to when I was applying to PT school. I was a student at Baylor and had sought the advice of my Human Physiology professor to help me prepare for my PT school interview. He had 2 pieces of advice:
1. Don't tell them that you are a Christian. Those UT profs don't care and you are more likely to make them nervous if you mention being a Christian so just leave Jesus out of it.
2. Don't tell them that you are interested in pediatrics. They want students who are well rounded and open minded.

So I headed of to San Antonio and rehearsed for my interview all the way there. When I walked into the school, they sent me down the hall to the professor who would be interviewing me.
I was so nervous that I could have lost my lunch on his shoe.

The first question he asked me was, "Why do you want to be a PT?"
I replied, "Because I really want to help children with disabilities and I am hoping to travel overseas someday to help children in international orphanages."

The next question he asked was, "What are you going to do if you don't get into PT school?"
I replied, "I feel like God has called me to be a PT so I will make whatever improvements I need to and be faithful to apply again the next year"

Then it hit me...

I had been in that interview for less than 5 minutes and I had already (in my nervousness) violated my only 2 pieces of advice. I don't even remember what the other questions were because in my mind I had already blown it.

After the interview, I walked out if his office and turned to exit the building. By the exit there was a bulletin board with the bios of all the professors. I stopped and looked for the one for the man who interviewed me and it said something like this, "Tom Turturro, PT, MDiv. In addition to teaching the pediatric portion of our program, Tom is also a licensed minister."

Right then, I heard God as clear as I have ever heard him say "Ginny you never have to lie about where I have brought you in order to get where I am sending you"
I went to my car and wept at the incredible hand and plans of my God. Tom Turturro not only accepted me into that program but ended up being a spiritual mentor.

He who has started a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.


Jenn said...

Love it!! Gave me chills!!

Got the backpack and goodies today! Karleigh Mei was SOOO excited!! Thank you!!


Hunan Mommy said...

Isn't it funny how we try to control situations when He is always in control? Thank you for sharing this awesome story!


Rose said...

What a beautiful testimony! chills here too!

Carolyn said...

great reminder for all of us; thanks for sharing

Kim S said...

I love this, Ginny.

Anonymous said...

Tom Turturro, had a pivotal role in leading me to Christ. He would lead bible studies during my time there 2002-2005 and served as a mentor as I wrestled with my decision to follow Christ. I often think how my education could have been better, I could have attended a more prestigious school, but God's plan was not for me to best PT, instead to come to a place where I could know him..personally. I received something far greater than a graduate education..I received Grace!

P.S If anyone knows Tom's email, or contact info, let me know as Id like to contact him

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