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Friday, April 2, 2010

Where is Your Ticket?

A church here in town is having people get tickets for their Easter Sunday service so they can adequately distribute and accommodate the crowds. It is a wonderful problem to have and I rejoice with them that they are having it.

It makes me think though. Where are those people for the other 51 Sundays of the year? Trent thinks that most of them believe that God is real but have not really put their faith in Him and experienced salvation. I wonder how many of them have put their faith in Him and received their "ticket" to heaven, but have chosen to walk a safe life and keep that ticket in their pocket except for days like Easter.

For so many, Easter represents the day they got their "ticket" to heaven and they became "safe" in the afterlife, but for me it represents so much more. It represents the day that my life became no longer my own, the day I chose to live a transformed life, and the day I was blessed with the invitation to live a life so full of adventure that the word "safe" could never be used to describe it.

It seems like every time I trust God and His leadership in my life, the ride becomes even more thrilling and through it I come to a deeper understanding of who He is and who He has called me to be. I have sensed God's call into those adventures many times and I have never regretted taking that step of faith. Interesting enough as we approach Easter, I am currently sensing that God is getting ready to reveal the next chapter in my life. I look forward to telling you more about that in the coming days, but right now I want to end by encouraging you.

Let Easter be more than the day you got your "ticket" to heaven, but ask God to show you what His sacrifice means for you right now. Fight the urge to play safe Christianity and the temptation to fit God into your pocket or the box you have created for Him. Instead ask God to show you all the He has for you and all that He desires from you. I think you might be surprised by how exciting the ride gets from here.

Here are a few pics I took of my crew in their Easter clothes:

1 comment:

Zenaida said...

I love love love these pictures! So I know you're an awesome mom, loving wife, the best PT I know and now an awesome photographer!

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