Thursday, April 15, 2010

Part 2 -What is Disability? That little miracle of mine

Can I tell you about my girl and the strides she has made over the last 6 weeks? I started taping her her right elbow (the weaker one) 6 weeks ago. So I am sure you are asking, "why just the right?". Because I am a scientist at heart and that is what we do, we experiment! Before we added taping, she was starting to bend her elbow with the assistance of gravity and some against gravity.

Now she can bend it pretty darn well gravity eliminated and the right arm has caught up with the left. So here are some of the things my little one has done over the last few days:

1. She can now suck her thumb which I am completely OK with because she has to use her muscle to keep it there. She can suck her thumb until she is 10 if she wants to.

2. She can bring her bunny to her face to kiss it. This is a big deal for a girl who LOVES her bunny.

3. She can bring a cup to her mouth. Still a little messy, but we are getting there.

4. She can push the chest piece of her car seat down and pull her arms out of the straps to free herself. Ok not so good but an accomplishment still.

5. She can bring some food to her mouth depending on how long it is.

6. She can climb on the counter and open a kids chewable vitamin "child proof" container for a mid morning snack. So that wasn't so good either but still another accomplishment!

My girl wasn't supposed to be able to do these things because "she doesn't have those muscles"- Whatever! Here is the proof!!


groovy mama said...

Wonderful, you are a great mom, keep up the good work and how cute is she?????

Don't you want another one? Kids are so cool and it is amazing the wonders they can do with some LOVE!


Carolyn said...

So happy to see her progress and the fruits of your labor! I check your blog daily to see the antics of your little and enjoy your wonderful writing.

Trent Henderson said...

Those are my girls! The cute one with the functional arms and the beautiful one behind the camera.

Jenn said...

Yay Ruthie! Yay mama! And most importantly, yay God!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it... And I love the experimenting! Keep it up-Shannon

Kim said...

Love it, Ginny!! She is in the perfect home. Give her a hug from the Stevens crew!

Kathy said...

I has been amazing to see her progress lately. And Ruthie is sooo cute !! I love the picture of her drinking in the tub !
I ordered Maggie's outfit from the They have a lot of sales and I think I paid $12.00 for it back in Dec.

Shannon said...

Go Ruthie Go!!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!! So proud of her (and you)....I just love your pictures, they always make me smile!