Friday, April 23, 2010

Service and Obedience

Trent has taken numerous teams overseas for mission trips. When he does, he always takes a few weeks and prepares them for their mission. Since I am not getting any formal training, I asked him the other day what his best piece of advice was and he said, "Don't let anyone out serve you."


So I decided to take that challenge to heart and start applying it right away. I went to work a few days later with my new attitude and worked my tail off doing everything I could to serve my coworkers and make their load lighter. At the end of the day I felt better leaving work than I had felt in a long time.

A few days later, I went to a different clinic. On the way I prayed that God would use my hands and feet and that I would not let anyone out serve me. Well, it didn't go near as well as I had experienced previously. Another coworker was having a bad day and said something that hurt my feelings right away. The spirit in the room was nothing like I had experienced in the other clinic and suddenly I didn't really feel like out serving anyone after all. I spent that morning looking at the clock and counting down the minutes until I could leave.

Stay with me...

I reflected on those 2 very different experiences in my new found mission and it hit me. My call to serve is a call to live my life after the model that Christ set for me and it is a call to obedience. If we look at the life of Christ, his faithfulness to serve was never circumstantial. We don't see in scripture where Christ wanted to help that one girl but she was kinda rude so he walked on. Likewise, his commands to us aren't circumstantial either. He doesn't say:
Honor your husband- if he says nice things to you
Train your child in the way he should go- if you enjoy his company
Take care of orphans and widows- if you have plenty of money laying around and some spare time on your hands.

No- his commands are not circumstantial at all.

Do you see where I am going with this? The temptation is to serve and be obedient ONLY when it's feels right or is convenient, but that is not what God commanded us. His command is to simply obey- whatever the circumstance. Clearly, I am still working on this. I hope this challenges you to obedience and service in whatever He has called you to also.

Today's Side note (because I always have to include a picture): Ruthie came into Sam's class for his party and when he saw her, he leaned over and kissed her forehead.

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