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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celebrating His Faithfulness

While we were at Family Camp, some of the kids in the church were at Pre-teen Camp. One of those kids was a boy from our neighborhood that Trent has been reaching out to. We have invited him to church many times but he has not made it and then we invited him to camp probably 10 times before he finally said "yes" at the last minute.

I walked outside yesterday and saw him playing in my yard and I asked him how camp was. He said, "My favorite part was joining God's army. I accepted Jesus!". Of course I gave him a great big hug and I am pretty sure did a little dance. :) The other really cool part was what he said next. He told me, "My grandfather is going to be so happy. He has been praying for me for a long time."

How cool is that!

I love the picture of this child's grandparents praying for their lost grandson and then God in his incredible faithfulness allows us to move down the street and then places him on our hearts. There are a lot of kids in our neighborhood, but this one is special and he really grabbed the heart of my husband who has been praying for him and trying to model for him what a Godly man looks like. So we are rejoicing today (with Cameron's grandfather) that we serve a faithful God.

You want to know the final cool part? We told Cameron that if he wanted to go to church with us to be at our house by 9:00 to go with Trent or by 10:00 to go with me. He knocked on our door at 8:30 ready to go. He even ate breakfast at my house because he forgot to before leaving home. Oh to be so excited about meeting with Jesus that we forget to eat and arrive 30 minutes early. LOVE THAT!

Here are some of the many pictures we took while at camp. Do you remember me saying a few weeks ago that I was in Hobby Lobby looking for stuff to make "Thing" shirts? Well here they are! The first theme night was Dr. Seuss. Introducing my "Things".


groovy mama said...

I love your shirts, Wonderfully creative! i said i wanted to buy shirts with #1-3 on for my kids!!!!

Also, love the story of the neighbor boy, i love reading your posts and your relationship you have with GOD! Now if we could just work some magic on my husband who is a tough cookie when it comes to GOD!

Hugs to you and your gang

The Raudenbush Family said...

The shirts and the pics of the kids in them are adorable!

What a great story of God's faithfulness. And, definitely a wonderful picture of what it means to be on fire for the Lord--so eager to be in His presence that he forgot to even eat breakfast and arrived 30 minutes early. What a blessing that you get to see that firsthand!

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