Saturday, June 19, 2010

He Did It! Yeah Jack!

We just got back from our annual trip to Pine Cove Family Camp and as always it was a WONDERFUL week! I so wanted to tell you that we were going, but unfortunately we live in a sad world where it is not smart for me to advertise an empty house.

It was a great week and I can't wait to share with you all the parenting tips we learned and all the things God taught us, but first I want to brag on my oldest. This is our 4th year to go to Family Camp and in the past 3 years, Jack has been very afraid to try all the things that camp had to offer. Last year he walked up the zip line and back down 4 times and was never able to take that step and try it. He also declined to take the swim test so he would not have to wear a life jacket and he was always nervous about leaving us to go with his group.

This year we prayed diligently for courage for him to take the swim test and maybe even try the zip line. Monday at lunch a counselor found us and said that not only did he pass his swim test, but he jumped off the diving board, went down the big slide (Slidasaurus), and did the zip line twice! We were so excited for him. He was like a different kid all week. He walked around camp with a confidence that we have not seen previously in this child. His new found courage was definitely one of the highlights of our week.

Here are a few pictures of our boy and some of his adventures. I will post more of the rest of the fam later this week!


kimberlysink said...

i am so glad you are home and SUPER excited for JACK!! the picures are so great!! i can't wait to chat with him about his adventures! on a side note...kade is NOT happy that there are no pictures of his friend sam. he keeps telling me to scroll down..."WHERE is SAM?" we'll check back later! :O)

Rose said...

so sweet!