Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Part 2- Why is Ministry Hard in Suburbia

Our church occasionally does an outreach where we walk one of the neighborhoods around us. We set out in teams with our packets of information and a few talking points. Our charge is to pray, knock on doors, and hopefully minister to the people. Can I be honest here and tell you that I always feel real awkward on those walks.

Compare that to my 1st full day in Haiti. It was Saturday and we were staying on base to treat the others there who had been injured or gotten sick. We were done by 1:00 but didn't have plans for the rest of the day. I was going crazy with desire to get off the base and into the streets. So Lori and I grabbed a translator and another male and headed out. I walked down the streets, completely uninhibited, and prayed over the "homes", people, and city. I even sang a song OUT LOUD that I felt like God had placed on my heart. I don't think I could have kept quiet if I wanted to. :)

So what is the difference between walking the streets in suburbia and walking the streets in Haiti? My friend Julie helped me process this out loud and come up with 2 theories:

1. In America we are way too concerned about what others think about us and that inhibits our ability to be affective in ministry.

2. We don't appreciate the cost of our sin or the significance of salvation. Here is what I mean by that- If I think it is a bigger deal for someone in Haiti to be in pain than it is for my friend to be separated from Christ, then I have missed it. The suffering of this world is temporary but a life lived apart from Christ has eternal consequences.
*I think when we truly get that into our hearts, we will all be knocking on doors.

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