Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ten Questions Parents Should Ask Their Children

I mentioned the other day that Trent and I take time each June to come up with values that we want to pray over each of our kids for the next year. Another thing we are going to start doing soon is having an "evaluation" each year with each individual child. This will be a time to praise what we see in them and provide direction for what we see needs to happen in the next year. This will also be a time for them to share their hearts with us.

Tom and Jeannie Eliff spoke on "Family Life Today" and offered 10 questions you should ask your kids annually. I thought they were worth sharing for anyone else who wants to do something similar.

1. Do you feel that we are getting along together?

2. What are some things you think we could do to improve our relationship?

3. Do you believe that I really care about who you are as an individual...or just how you behave?

4. Have I ever made a promise to you that I didn't keep?

5. Do you feel that I respect you? Do you respect me?

6. Is there something you would enjoy doing together with me? What would keep us from doing this?

7. Is there some secret you are keeping from me out of fear that I would love you less?

8. What can I do to show you that I want to be more like Christ?

9. Is there something I do that annoys you...or embarrasses you?

10. How could I best express to you just how much I love you, and how honored I feel to be your parent?

Optional- Have I overlooked any questions you would like for me to ask?

My 2 cents- Trent and I believe that one of the key things to our children having a healthy childhood and then surviving the teen years is for them to feel like they are a part something. We often call our family "Team Henderson" for that reason and this annual meeting is just one more way we will communicate to our kids that they are part of the unit and not just products of it.


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Love these questions and I'm bookmarking this post to use!