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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Plight of the Middle Child

Warning: This blog entry is not appropriate for anyone who thinks that I have a perfect family and wants to continue operating under such delusions.

Adding Ruthie to the family moved Sam from youngest to middle child and I am appreciating more and more how difficult of a position that is to hold. Jack recently turned up the intensity on defining himself as alpha male by trying to push Sam out of the pack. It is really sad to watch. Ruthie on the other hand is a pest to Sam. She pushes his computer keys when he is playing a game and lays on top of his Star Wars guys so he can't get to them. The poor boy can't catch a break.

So last night I thought it would be nice to take him on a date by himself and try to "reset" his self esteem. We had a great time at Chick-Fil-A playing with a neighbor and the characters from Toy Story. Not 5 minutes after we returned home, Jack was sent to his room for saying something ugly to Sam. I tucked Sam and Ruthie in and then went to Jack's room to have the "You are not going to treat your brother like that" conversation. I was right in the middle of a well thought out lecture when I heard Sam scream. I ran into his room to discover Ruthie there. She had walked out of her room and gone into Sam's. When he was climbing out of bed to make her leave, she leaned forward and bit him. All 3 of my kids went to bed in tears for one reason or another last night.

Oh my the joy of having 3 kids. If I had any sanity left, I would add a 4th just to rescue Sam from the position of middle child but then I would end up in a mental hospital and that wouldn't help anyone. :)

S0 for all of you middle children out there- I feel your pain. Forgive me for not being more sensitive to your position in the past and if you have any advice as to how I might help poor Sam, please let me know.

A few pictures from our date night:


The Richerts said...

God has mighty plans for middle children. They are peacemakers, negotiators, well balanced, and dramatic (I am told)!! Of course, all of that coming from a middle child -- smiles! Really, birth order is part of His design. Your sweet middle guy will be just fine! I think adding a fourth would give you two middle children!!

Shannon said...

Oh Ginny....I SO get you on this one. Parker has been bumped to middle child too. Poor guy, Ravenna taunts him when she is bored and Georgia does just like Ruthie, she pinches, takes his toys, grabs hold of his shirt, roars like a lion in his face just to bug him. Of course he does scream like a little girl and run away which isn't helping things.
We have a Mama-Parker date planned for Monday and I am so excited to spend a little time with my middle guy!

Hunan Mommy said...

Sounds like something that was straight out of my house. We only have 2, and they succeed in driving one another crazy. We are already out of school. Wondering what it will be like by Aug?

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