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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Star Wars Pajamas

I am not a poet, but this came to me the other day. Sam has spent much of the summer in his Star Wars pajamas.

For my Sam. Love Mom

I love your never-ending questions
when we are driving in the car
I love the way you talk about the things of God
like they are obvious fact
I love your fearless sense of adventure
And I love the way you look
in your Star Wars Pajamas

I love the way you tell me “it was an accident”
when your sister is in trouble
I love that you can’t bear to see her sad
I love that you don’t mind stopping
to have a tea party
And I love the way you smile when you are wearing
your Star Wars Pajamas

I love that you like to play all kinds of games
I love the way you cheer for the other person when they win
I love your constant questions about math problems
And I love how much you love
your Star Wars Pajamas

I love that you want to always live with me
I love to listen to you sing and play the drums
I love how proud you were to get your very own Bible
And I love how you always ask for
your Star Wars Pajamas

I love that you still sleep
with all of your stuffed animals
I love that you walk around curled up in a blanket like me
I love that you could care less
that most of your clothes are hand me downs
And I love that your favorite stuffed animal also
wears Star Wars Pajamas

I love how you encourage your brother
by telling him the good in the situation
I love that you are constantly telling me
how much you love me
I love that you think girls are boring
but somehow Ruthie and I don’t qualify
And son, I love how big you feel when you are wearing
your Star Wars Pajamas

For soon the day will come when those pjs will be too small,
Your stuffed animals will be in the corner,
Tea parties will be a thing of the past,
And you won’t have as much interest in your mother

So before it’s too late and these days are behind us
I will stop what I am doing and take the time
To walk to the drawer with you my son
And celebrate as we pull out
your Star Wars Pajamas


groovy mama said...


Carolyn said...

perfectly expressed!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Awww...so cute!

Hunan Mommy said...

So very sweet! We also have a Star Wars fan:-)

The Richerts said...

I think you can delete the "I'm not a poet" line from your post. Thanks for sharing. You are right, he will out grow those pj's. Cherish the memories.

Anna Grace said...

So sweet! Hope all five of you are doing well!

Anna Grace said...

So sweet! Hope all five of you are doing well!

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