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Saturday, June 12, 2010

It All Started With a TuTu and Some Good Intentions

One of Ruthie's friends had a tutu party today. I got the bright idea to sponge roll her hair for the event and so I called my wonderfully girly friend Paige and yep she had sponge rollers. Ruthie was so tough she didn't even complain about sleeping in the darn things.

I left them in until 30 minutes before the party because I know how poorly Ruthie's hair holds curls. I was shocked when I took them out and it was THIS CURLY!

I tried to separate the curls and quickly created an Afro

After a hairdryer, some help from my neighbor Amy, and much combing, I decided to settle for a poodle and headed to the party

My friend Elita made outfits for the kids to have their pictures taken in. Is that a bow or what!?! I never considered that a black background might not be good for Ruthie since her hair is black. Now I know. :)

My curly girly was exhausted and slept all the way home at 12:30 and is still napping now at 3:30. I guess maybe she didn't sleep so well in those sponge rollers after all!

Thanks for being such a trooper Ruthie and to all my friends who helped make this such a memorable day!


Naomi said...

Ginny you are too funny!!! I am amazed how curly her hair turned out!!! She looked so adorable that she must have been awarded the prize for cutest curly girl!!!

Brittany Suarez said...

She's so cute...haha I like how you photoshopped the black background out so you could see her hair! She did so good...haha what a kid will do for M&M...and me acting like I didn't know my colors!! :)

groovy mama said...

Oh my goodness, i laughed at her curly hair!!!!Still a cutie and a trooper!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! Maybe use a bigger roller next time!!!! HA HA! Jenny M

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh my gosh--I'm sitting in our den and literally just laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw that afro picture---and her hilarious expression in it. SO funny! Once it was tamed a bit, it looked super cute! What a fun idea for a party. I'm still chuckling!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Okay, I actually had to click on your blog again just to see that picture one more time. SO cute! :)

Kim S said...

I am looking at these pictures LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! Oh my goodness!! The end-product is seriously adorable though. Try again sometime and maybe use the next size up so the curls won't be so tight. Ahhh... still giggling... :)

Shannon said...

OH my!!! I almost wet my pants reading this!!!!!!! You made my day and it turned out so cute! Ruthie is just adorable!

Wendy said...

I actually laughed outloud here at work...don't do that to me! so funny and adorable. my abigails hair won't curl for nothin either...

Hunan Mommy said...

Catching up on blogs after vacation. Tom was sitting here looking and said when looking at the first result, it looked like something I might do! The final product was adorable!

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