Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Hardest Part of Photography

I have learned so much about photography since starting this Homes for Haiti project, but the one thing I have learned the most is how bad I am at narrowing the pictures down to my favorites. I am NOT saying here that all my pictures are so good that it is hard to find a bad one. I just don't like deleting decent pictures of other people's kids.

(As an aside- Have you ever had your pictures taken by one of those companies that prints them ahead of time and then lets you choose from the already printed copies what you want to buy and what they end up throwing away? They know something to be true that I am going to tell you about here. Women are awful at walking away from a picture of their children!)

When I started, I was given the advice by several people to narrow it down to the best 25-50 pictures and give people those on a CD. That sounds simple enough- right? It's not!! I usually start with about 400, narrow those down to the best 300 and then I am stuck. The rest is facial expression preference and whether you prefer pictures of kids looking at the camera or playing naturally. The last 2 times I have had the customer come over to my house and do the final narrowing. You know what? THEY CAN'T DO IT EITHER! I don't know how other photographers do it.

So if you call me, you are going to have a solid 25-50 really good pictures and another 100+ that were good enough that I just couldn't bring myself to delete them. I guess being overwhelmed is better than knowing that there was a picture of your child out there that you might have loved but never got to see. Right?

A few more pictures from our trip to the Children's Museum. I chose these because they show just how functional she really is.

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Carolyn said...

love that last shot; she's so cute!