Monday, August 23, 2010

That Sweet Child

My big boy is a 2nd grader today and our trip to school this morning spoke volumes about his heart.

1st of all the only way I could get him to give up his backpack from the last 2 years was to let him carry a free one that he got when he went to camp with his dad. He wouldn't let me get him a new lunch box so the same old dirty one went into the camp backpack.

I asked him how I could pray for him this morning and he teared up and said, "For people to be nice to me." I think I forget sometimes how insecure our little guys can be.

He cried when we walked into the classroom after telling me on the way there that he wanted the Dr. to make him small again. I love that sweet little guy and his tender heart. I just can't believe that he is a 2nd grader. If you don't mind, will you say a quick prayer that people will be extra nice to him and that he would make some good friends.

I got home from dropping Jack off and saw that Ruthie was sad too about Jack going to school and something about dad making her sit down and eat breakfast. Everyone needed a little extra attention this morning.


Shannon said...

Oh my friend! I am praying for him that the Lord will bring about wonderful friends!!!!

groovy mama said...

What a sweet little guy he is, prayers EXTRA for him. My oldest starts 2nd grade tomorrow!!! how fast they grow! HUGS :0)

Hunan Mommy said...

Much the same situation in our house. Sidney wanted her LyLy (Eli) all day :-)

Renee said...

I will be praying extra hard for you little guy today and all this week... that he will make lots of friends and that his sweet gentle spirit will inspire those around him to be extra specially nice.