Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Testament Tuesdays #1

Starting September 13th we are going to be reading the entire New Testament in 75 days! Won't you join us and help spread "the Word"?

*We have an iphone app that you can get here

*My husband will be doing a daily commentary on the reading here

*I am going to be starting Testament Tuesdays as an opportunity for all of us to write and share on our blogs what God has taught us that week in our reading.

*And I will be announcing a Giveaway in the next few days related to this too!

Won't you consider joining us! It all starts September 13th!

Here is the reading schedule. Jump in and join us at any time!


Melissa said...

Count me in! :)

Wendy said...

I really REALLY need this.

Wendy in OH

Jenn said...

Fun! Looking forward to it!

Stacy said...

How do get the phone app??stac

Ginny said...

He is actually uploading the iphone app today and then it should be approved in a few days by apple. I saw it lastnight and it is super cool. It tells you exactly what you are supposed to read that day and then gives it to you right there on the screen.

proverbs31inthemaking said...

I saw this just in time! I've been slacking on the blog reading lately, but I'm glad I saw this before you guys started this! I'll definitely be reading with you.