Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We Thought She Was Chinese

But now I am figuring out that she is actually a Chineximerican. What is a Chineximerican you ask? Well it is someone who was born in China, moved to America, and while there discovered her true long lost Mexican ways.

It all started with the a layover in the Austin airport on our way home from China when I fed Ruthie a plate of bean and cheese nachos. Ever since then, the girl can put down as much Mexican food as any adult at the table. It really hit me though today when we were in the restroom of a Mexican food restaurant and she was dancing (while sitting on the potty) to Salsa music. I looked down at her and concluded, this child is not Chinese. She is a Chineximerican!

Pics below are from our trip to get snow cones today and of course I had to take my camera!


Hunan Mommy said...

Your photos are great! Really captures their eyes.

Lillie's Mom said...

Hey I've got a Chineximerican in my house too! We're from CO and wondered what our girl would think of all the southwestern food that gets eaten in this house- and we eat it at least several times a week... she LOVES it! Our Hunan girl loves anything spicy- be it Asian, Mexican or even Cajun. :)

Wendy said...

Hey we have one too! Not for the food, but after watching Dora for so long, Abigail can count to twenty in spanish, and say Lord knows what else. Drives my DH nuts!

Wendy in OH

groovy mama said...

Hey CUTE kids you have, i am sure i have mention that many other times!!!! Anyway, as far as my pics- i usually blast up the saturation levels and and make more contrastly and sometimes i like that old fashin touch! As far as the 'watermark' or copeyright mark...i made a logo in PS and saved as a PS fie and then i just drop and drag on my jpeg images and resave image as a copy be honest i have had some chinese bloggers leaving me comments. I don't publish them. The are harmless comments that make NO sense, but i am worried they may take little Ella's image?????
anyway that is it.....HUGS Donna

Anonymous said...

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