Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homes For Hope Photography Update

First let me say that I am having so much fun with this photography project to raise money for a home in Haiti. Seriously, I love taking people's photos and then spending hours editing them. I am sure it would be less fun if it was my job but as a blessing, it is a blast!

A really fun update on the home is that a team from our church is going to be traveling to Haiti in October to build the home that I am raising money for. I can't wait to get pictures and maybe even video from that. How great to be able to see it to completion!

There are a few ways you can pray for this project if you don't mind:
1. Pray that God would bless my camera, lens, creativity, and whatever else goes into the final project. I really do want to give people great photos of their families and I need God's help to do that.

2. Pray that these sessions would bless families who otherwise would not be able to afford a portrait session.

3. Pray for a handful of clients to really catch the vision for the project and make donations that reflect that. I love do this for these families and giving them quality photos, but without some larger donations, it is going to take a L-O-N-G time to raise $3000.00. I don't want to charge a certain amount because I think this is supposed to bless families too and if I go charging extra to reach the goal for the house, then I am afraid that I will miss the opportunity to truly bless people on this side of the project. I just need God to really capture the hearts of a few of the families for this home in Haiti. Can you ask Him for that and then lets see what He does.


A family side note:
Trent's dad and step mom came in town for a few days and took the kids each to do something special. These are pictures they took on their adventures

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The Raudenbush Family said...

Praying for this new venture for you--I know the Lord will bless it.

Come check out our new venture when you can--I know your wisdom would be helpful there!