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Friday, August 6, 2010

My Sentimental Boy

3 1/2 years ago, Jack got his first bike for Christmas. After hours and hours of riding, it is time for that beloved bike to go live somewhere else. That kid has ridden that bike so much that the handle bars and seat all have holes on them and the tires are now raw.

I loaded the bike in the back of my car last night and Jack lost it. He cried and screamed that he wanted to keep his bike. I tried to explain to him that he has a new bike now and the old bike doesn't even fit him anymore, but that did not stop the sobbing.

It broke my heart to see him so sad and I completely understood where he was coming from because I am pretty darn sentimental myself. I started trying to think of things that we could do with the bike. Hang it on his ceiling? No. Make a piece of furniture out of it? No. Just leave it in the garage? No way.

About that time my neighbor made the comment that the people on the show Hoarders probably had parents who didn't make them throw things away like their old bikes.

Okay okay okay I get it! But I let him sit there and say goodbye as long as he wanted to. After about an hour we settled for a picture with the bike before it went away.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Jack is precious. I love that sweet spirit! Give them all hugs from MoeMoe!

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