Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Giveaway WINNER. Make that 4 Giveaway WINNERS!

So I decided instead of drawing and giving away 1 Bible, I would just give one to everyone who entered. I mean how can you decide who to give a Bible to or leave that to chance when you are perfectly capable of sending one to everyone.

If you are Stacy, Shannon, Wendy, or DelawareGirl please email me your address at Also if you have a preference on translation (NIV, New American Standard, KJV, etc) please let me know.

I hope the rest of you will please still plan on joining us for the 75 Days through the NT Challenge. I have never read through the entire NT at once so I think this will be a great thing. Think about all the other challenges you commit your time to. This one is surely worthwhile!

I am going to update the link with the readings for each day in case you want to get ahead. We are still waiting on the finishing touches of the iphone app but I will send that as soon as I get the link.

Here are a few pics from Sam and Ruthie's 1st day of Mother's Day Out today


Wendy said...

forgot to tell you in my email that I would prefer NIV...Thanks again!! Great pictures, can you come to OH and take my fam for me?

Shannon said...

My friend!!!!! I am so, so , so excited about this!!!!! Seriously, it comes at a perfect time!
You are such a blessing!