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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Lotus Effect

Trent and I have new saying in our house and it is "The Lotus Effect". So here is where it came from.

I was pulling out of my neighborhood the other day and I found myself right beside a yellow Lotus. So you don't have to google that, it is a sports car that runs new around $75,000. My first thought as "wow that is a really pretty and really yellow car". My second thought however was to laugh because after noticing its looks, I couldn't help but notice the AWFUL squeeling sound that was coming from under its hood. I know that sound and I know it well. My first car was purchased from an auction (we were pretty sure it had been previously sunk in a lake) and it made that same sound. We replaced every belt and screw we could find but we couldn't get that sound to go away. The entire parking lot knew when I arrived to school each day.

I had to laugh at the irony that was sitting beside me. There was a man who desperately wanted to be noticed driving a WAY OVERPRICED vehicle that on the inside was falling apart. Are we so different? Living in a nicer part of Houston, I am surrounded by people who go to great measures to look the part and they spend a lot of money doing it. The truth is, that we can look like a million bucks but on the inside we are all depreciating assets that apart from Jesus have no real value in and of themselves.

Let me clarify something real quick before you start calling me a hypocrite. Yes I drive a newish car, I buy my clothes new most of the time, and I wear make up at least 3 days a week. I am not pointing fingers at taking care of yourself or caring about your appearance. What I am saying is that what really matters is the authentic condition of our hearts and that can't be changed by any amount of money we spend on our outer shell. We can nip, tuck, botox, and bejewel ourselves until we are completely broke but that doesn't change the truth. What matters most at the end of our road is not how good or put together we look but the state of our heart.

Thank you to the over priced, yet falling apart, very yellow Lotus driver for giving me that object lesson.

Today's Side Note:

When you are playing Putt Putt and can't seem to make contact with the ball....

Just drop your club and go ahead and kick it where it needs to go!

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