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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please Pray (with update) but keep praying

Ruthie's diagnosis from her medical reports is repaired preauricular fistula and both hands endoduction abnormality (this is the chinese translation for bilateral wrist drop). All along I have looked at these diagnosis as 2 seperate things and have not worried much about the first one because it is repaired. Well, on Monday I had the idea to google the 2 together and just see what I got. What I found really scared me.

There are numerous serious syndromes where children present with these 2 diagnosis plus several others that are much more serious including mental retardation. For the last several days, I have prayed, sought information from those with experience adopting special needs, and looked into our options.

Trent and I have no leading to terminate this process based on the information that we have. In Ruthie's pictures, she does not look mentally handicap. I am encouraged that she appears to be interacting with her surroundings and maybe even talking to someone in one of them. I have contacted an organization called Lady Bugs N Love that will contact the orphanage for us and ask 10 questions for a fee. There is no guarantee of a response and they have asked that we give them atleast a week. I sent them my questions today and I feel like these will give me much more insight into how Ruthie is developing and interacting with her environment.

Please pray that we recieve information back from the organization and that the information provided to them by Ruthie's orphanage is accurate and truthful. I love this child already like she is my own, but I want to be able to move forward in confidence that what we are commiting our family to is within our capabilities and is fair to Jack and Sam.

Thanks in advance for your prayers.

UPDATE:  It has only been a few hours and I have already heard my first report.  This is encouraging to me.  Here is the email.

Hi Ginny,

I have forwarded the questions to the orphanage. The lady who is in charge of adoption told me she just saw her yesterday. She is walking!

No guarantee if they will answer all the questions though, at least you know that she is walking now. So that is encouraging! J

I will get back to you as soon as I hear anything.




Jenn said...

I so know how you feel!! In the articles that I found on KM's SN, mental retardation was also included as a possibility. It scared me so!! And the pictures that I received on her (from ladybugs and love too!), didn't "prove" otherwise. We now know this look as her, "huh" look. :)

Just keep walking that road of faith. The Lord has you on this for a reason, no matter the outcome. Remember also, that the enemy is all about bringing on fear. Fear of this, fear of that, and fear of whatever! Believe me when I say I know what the enemy can whisper in your ear!!

Hold strong to the voice of Jesus!! He whispers life!!

Praying for you!!


Natalie said...

I'll be praying with you guys!

Natalie :)

Cheri said...

It can def. be scary not knowing. With Lia we had NO idea what to expect. We were told she had a brain cyst, developmentally & physically delayed and at risk for seizures! It was all I could do to breathe when I heard all of that.

Our ST for Lia told me that children who have a cleft palate only and hearing loss are at greater for cognitive problems. Can you believe for a day or so I almost left fear get the better of me. It is so easy to do.

In saying all of that we just handed all of our concerns over to the Lord. Love what Jenn had to say! :)

I am very interested in finding out if you receive updated pictures and if the staff answer your questions. I have been told that Chongqing is one of the SWI's that was not taking part in the updates. Although someone recently received updated information from the SWI so there is ALWAYS hope. Praying for you my friend.

Wife of the Pres. said...

Ginny, I would love to talk privately. I wish I could talk to you in person. PLEASE do not let fear reign in your heart!!! I did, so that is why I tell you to cast it on the Lord and if you have to, rebuke Satan in Jesus' name. Perhaps you already have. I spent many days living with the weight of fear over me, allowing Satan and his schemes way too much room in my heart and spirit.

Now, S. is home almost 8 months and she does have delays. To what extent and permanent or not, we do not know but I can tell you she is SUCH A BLESSING and she brings a whole new level of joy to our family. I have two boys also. Might I say too that when the fear comes over you, go back and read what you wrote on your blog and/or in journals about how God confirmed for you that Ruthie is yours. Hold onto Him, perhaps like you never have before. And please know I say this knowing exactly how you feel. Oh and don't google too much like I did either. And as for the word syndrome, it is not nearly as scary when you have your sweet child in your arms!!!

Hugs and Prayers,
roomforatleastonemore (dot) wordpress (dot) com
(if you want to email, leave me your address at my blog and I'll not publish it; I'd like to talk specifically about C.Qing as well)

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