Friday, May 15, 2009

Praying Saturday May 16th

Several families from my agency have decided to spend time Saturday fasting and praying for the adoption situation in China. I don't know if you have followed along the last few weeks, but referrals, travel approvals, and consulate appointments are being held/denied most likely due to swine flu. I even saw today where one agency is reporting no travel until at least September. If you feel led, I would like to ask you to consider praying with us that God's will would be done there in China and that by His power He would move to bring these children home in His perfect timing. We do not expect Him to execute our desires, but instead to align our hearts with His as He moves to bring these families together.

Receiving our update this week was so incredible, but it makes my heart long even more to go and get Ruthie. Thank you for your prayers for her and all the families waiting much longer than they expected to pick up their little ones.

If you plan to join us, I encourage you to link to the LydiaHope blog in the sidebar.  My friend Naomi was told last week that she could travel and then was told this week that she can't travel because of swine flu.  Her perspective on prayer is worth reading. 

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