Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I am STILL Looking Forward to

5:30 and no call.  I actually talked to my agency at 2:30 and they said they had not received a package today.  It looks like 1 or 2 American agencies received RA's today that also received them last Thursday so I guess there is still a chance that it could come later this week.

So I will continue the list from earlier...

I am looking forward to:
9. Dressing her in all of these cute clothes people have given me and my niece has handed down

10. Hearing her say mama for the first time.  The one year old across the street is doing this right now and it is S0000 Cute.  

11. Holding her while she falls asleep

12. Seeing Nana cry the first time they meet.  She has done this with each of my kids.   

13. Seeing my Aunt Mary love her.  Oh Ruthie, you better watch out for Aunt Mary because she loves to spoil those grand babies and she is excited about you

14. Seeing her play with Annie Brandt.

15. Seeing what God does through her in our church family and what He teaches all of us about Himself  through her little life.  

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