Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Fun Parenting Tool and of course Some New Pics

So let me start by saying that all of my best parenting tricks were stolen from the minds of friends, good books, and those who have been doing this much longer than I have. I learned a couple new ones this summer that I thought I could share with you over the next little bit.

The Brag Jar
I don't know about your kids, but my boys have a habit of tattling on each other and reporting the other's faults. Well this summer we started a brag jar where each time one of my boys brags on the other, I add a coin to the jar. When the jar gets full, we will take the money and go do something as a family.

What I have learned through this is that my kids have a much harder time bragging on each other than I realized. We have had numerous sessions where we have sat at the table and taken turns saying something that your brother did nice today and each time I have had to help them remember. They are real quick to tell me what their brother has done wrong, but it is taking a conscious effort to remember what their brother has done good.

The process of looking for the good in someone is indeed a learned skill and what better place to learn it then in the family.

Doing a little therapy with stickers!

Seeing things from a different perspective.

Playing at my brother's t-ball game

Let's see- A book called Wheels with a match box car. Is it obvious I have brothers?


Amy E. said...

What a cutie you have!! Her smile is captivating!! Glad you are all settling in well.

Shannon said...

Ginny!!! She looks so happy!!!!! Ruthie is adorable! I love the brag jar idea too!

kimberlysink said...

we started the jar after you told me about it a few months ago. we are calling it the "family fun jar." at this rate, we will never doing anything fun as a family ever again...i've had to extend it to include unprompted acts of kindness toward each other. i need a smaller jar... i LOVE the sticker pictures! very cute! i can't wait to see her on sunday!!! she's so content, you could probably bring her into the service with you!

Adrian Roberta said...

Great Brag Jar idea, Might just have to give that one a try with my 3 kiddies (:

Ruthie looks like she is adjusting well, God is good!