Thursday, July 2, 2009


ANOTHER family with our LOA/RA date got their TA today!!! That makes 2 now. This gives me so much hope and of course fear that I am going to have the "no call Friday disappointment break down" that became a regular occurrence when we were waiting for our RA. :) Those of you who have waited on an RA know exactly what I am talking about.

I had a dream last night that we got our TA call. It was crazy real. I answered the phone and heard in my left ear that our TA arrived. I then sat straight up in my bed with butterflies in my stomach, looked at the clock and read 5:30 am and realized I was not holding a phone. My dad said that maybe that means I am going to get the call today. My dreams have never worked that way for me before, so I doubt it was prophetic. :)

I asked Sam to pray with me today after I saw the post from the other families TA. He looked at me and said, "Can we pray for God to get us a light saber that lights?"

Praying for God to move mountains



Anonymous said...

I love that! I am now standing with Sam and praying for a light saber with lights!!!! :) -shannon

Barb Hardeman said...

I was literally on my knees for you this morning, praying that God would somehow interven for you with the Chinese authorities; the ones who hold the keys. But the keys to the Kingdom belong to you, whatever the outcome tomorrow, embrace your mountain and don't lose you keys! God is greater than any mountain we have to climb and more interested in your view of Him than of the mountain.
Does this make any sense?
Loving you with continued prayer...