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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Few Updates

I stayed off the computer yesterday so I could just pray for Ruthie and our TA. When I got back on this morning, I saw that I missed a lot.

This is from a family who is in Chongqing right now. They received their match a while after us so I had sent her an email about how jealous I am that she is already there and asked if she would take pictures of Ruthie if she saw her. This is her reply:

4ruthie-I'm so sorry you have to wait. Unfortunately, we can't visit the orphanage as they are prohibiting it because of the Swine flu scare. I wish I could get a picture and some news for you. I have to say though that I have such confidence in the orphanage. They gave us a whole book and pages and pages of writing about our daughter's development. They also returned all of the items we sent to her via care packages Good Luck, and may you travel safely to your child. -turtles

This is a little sad for me because not only was I hoping for more pictures, but now I am having to lay down yet ANOTHER motion picture. I was really looking forward to touring her orphanage and seeing where she slept. I had heard the part about the pictures and writing before. This is because Ruthie's orphanage is sponsored by a non-profit called Half The Sky. They are great!

Another family in adoption world, not ours, got their TA yesterday and they have the same LOA/RA date as us!!! What that means is that the "highly unlikely" is happening with some people and who knows their circumstances, but I know that MY GOD is bigger than their luck so I am praying fervently today for a TA by Friday. If it arrived by Friday, we could very likely travel on JULY 9th!!! This is very scary for me because I have tried to pray in faith without getting my hopes up or expect something from God that He has not promised me. Now I am really starting to get my hopes up. PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING!!



Cheri said...
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Cheri said...

Oh Ginny, what a bummer! I'm sorry that Josephine's mom could not visit with Ruthie. :( I can totally relate, we too are looking forward to visiting the orphanage. I pray that by the time you and I travel we will be allowed. We were not allowed to travel to Lia's as it was too far. Honestly I don't think our guide ask on our behalf. She was not raised in the orphanage like Evan but we still would have liked to visit her city. I may have to break down and buy Brian Stuy's video of Chongqing.

Praying you receive your TA soon.

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