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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Greatest Motion Picture NEVER Made

A few days ago Jack was playing in the playroom peacefully and then all of a sudden I heard him screaming at his brother. You know the kinda scream when your sibling is hitting you with a light saber (that happens frequently around here). So I rushed in there to find Jack inconsolable, not because he was being hit but because Sam had walked across the imaginary pool he was life-guarding in the middle of the room. God forbid.

Jack gets his imagination, and his need for things to go like he imagined, from his mother. I like to refer to my imagination as "motion pictures" that I create in my head. They come complete with color, drama, and all the workings of your favorite film. The only thing is, they rarely turn out like I picture them. This adoption has been an incredible exercise in laying down my motion pictures for God's plans to unfold. In January, I had to lay down the expectation that Ruthie would be younger at referral. Through the spring, I laid down lots of quality films about our travel dates as I moved events, like Sam's birthday party, around to make room for my expectations.

And now, I am going to have to lay down the greatest production I have ever made. It is the one that I have gone to sleep many nights over the last 2 years working out the details of. It involved a little Chinese lady turning a corner holding Ruthie and walking her over to me. I then squatted down to where Jack and Sam were standing behind me and watched as they blew bubbles with her and handed her cookies and M&Ms like the ones we had already mailed her. Jack would pat her back and talk to her sweetly while Sam crossed his eyes and danced in a circle to try and make her laugh. Darn that Swine Flu- Oh excuse me H1N1 or whatever they are calling it now. Either way, it is cutting production of a Gone With the Wind quality film and causing me to leave my boys at home for 2 weeks while I go and get their sister without them.

Back to Jack's thwarted imagery- After taking away his beloved whistle privilege for yelling at his brother, I sat him down and explained to him that I am a lot more concerned about the condition of his heart and his relationship with the reality in front of him than I am with his comfort or fun. And God said to me, "Did you hear that?"


Shannon said...

Oh Ginny! I am without words but praying for you, I know this is a HUGE deal. I cannot wait to see God's motion picture play out, hopefully very soon!

Eleanor said...

I can only chuckle to myself thinking of Jack and his beloved whistle. He was Security Guard for Sam's Class when we were on the playground one day this Spring. What a HOOT! Hope and pray Ruthie gets to enjoy her brothers soon.

Barb Hardeman said...

Ginny, I understand the motion picture thing completely. I'm the same way!! However, I've learned that my camera is seldom focused on the same things God's camera is focused on. In the end my camera is often pointed at myself, the star fo the show, and Gods' never is! For what it's worth...

Cheri said...

((HUGS)) I know what a hard decision this was. I am so sorry. Start producing the movie for the homecoming! :)

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