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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Next Big Thing

Our God Likes to Do Big Things
Our travel coordinator said yesterday that in order to make the July 9th group that our TA would have to arrive by July 3rd. She expressed that this is possible but not likely. I would probably add to that "highly unlikely". I was convicted the other day though by my attitude concerning that date. The God who I am praying to concerning our travel IS the same God who parted the sea. I want to have the kind of faith that moves mountains and parts seas. If God tells me no, I don't want it to be because I didn't ask or believe. So I am praying for a TA by 7/3 not because I am entitled to it by any means, but because God likes to do big things.

Swine Flu is a Big Thing and Getting Bigger
The state department issued a China travel alert yesterday regarding the quarantining of Americans with symptoms of swine flu. The most troubling part was this:
In some instances, children have been separated from their parents because either the parent or the child tested positive for 2009-H1N1 and was placed in quarantine for treatment. This situation presents the possibility of Chinese medical personnel administering medications to minors without first having consulted their parents.

Trent and I need to make a decision regarding if we take our boys or not. I have always pictured them there with us and felt very strongly that we should do this as a family. I saw this trip as being key to the formation of Jack's world view and his ability to make a difference. I really don't want to have to give all that up, but I also don't want my children in a Chinese hospital because some bafoon with swine flu sat beside me on the plane. I really want to hear God on this one. I have no idea how I will survive 2 weeks without my boys or how whoever keeps them will survive 2 weeks with them. :)

The funny moment in this was when I told Jack that he might not be able to go because of swine flu, he said, "But mom I got those Hep A and Hep B shots for China and we really shouldn't waste shots." I had to smile because I couldn't agree more. Man I love that kid.



Cheri said...

Praying that you receive your TA by 7/3. God can do amazing things!

BTW, I love your new header! Ruthie is beautiful.

Jenn said...

Trusting that however it all unfolds, it's been the Lord's perfect plan from the beginning!

I am praying that it gets here by 7/3 though! ;o)

Shannon Miller said...

Ginny! I am praying for clear, deep wisdom for you guys! It is SUCH a hard decision! Also praying for a quick TA!!!!!!

Barb Hardeman said...

Praying and standing with you that 7/3 is the day!

God is Who He says He is!
God can do what He says He can do!
You are who God says you are!
You can do all things through Christ!
God's word is alive and active in you!

I'm praying for the clearest of wisdom for you and Trent.


Ginny Henderson said...

Barb- You read the book! Don't you love it?! You are absolutely right.

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