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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Here...And Gone + Adoption Lingo 101

Ruthie's RA arrived today to Trent's office around 9:30 and it was signed and back in the mail to our agency by 1:00. Woohoo!!!

So I realize that I have thoroughly confused some of you with adoption lingo and for that I am so sorry. Let me try and make it right with a little adoption 101 here:

Paperchasing/ Paper pregnancy- the 6 month process of gathering your paperwork to adopt. This process recently got longer because of new Hague immigration requirements. I am not sure how long it takes now.

LID= Log in date. The date China officially files your paperwork. You are matched in the healthy route via your LID. 1/31/08 for us

EA- Electronic Acceptance. This is the initial agreement to adopt this child. This step is also referred to the LOI for "letter of intent". This is when no one else can view this child. 1/14/09 for us

PA- Pre-Approval. This means that the CCAA (China center for adoption affairs) has started the process of pulling your paperwork to be processed for this child. This usually takes 2-4 weeks from EA. It took 8 weeks for us for no apparent reason. 3/12/09 for us

RA- Referral Approval. This is also called the LOA for "letter of acceptance". This means that you have officially been approved for this child. This is the most unpredictable wait as we have unfortunately experienced. 6/15/09 for us

TA- Travel Approval. This is what we are waiting on next!!!! Our agency will now send our signed RA back to China and they will start processing our TA. This is basically an issue of immigration as I understand it. very soon for us????

There are 2 forms of immigration status right now- pre-Hague and Hague. We are pre-Hague which is really good because our estimated wait time is 2-6 weeks with the average being 3-4 weeks. Those folks who are Hague are being told anything from 8-15 weeks. This is because of all of the extra steps involved for them. I feel so sorry for those families just because there is a lot of uncertainty for them and a lot of extra paperwork. You can pray that process becomes smoother.

We are of course praying for a speedy TA! We will travel with the next travel group after our TA is received and travel groups go out about every 2 weeks. We could travel with just a couple days notice.

Hope that helps clear up the jargon for you guys. COME ON TA!!!!


Jenn said...

Praying that TA comes EXTRA quick!

Liz Hayley said...

SO stinkin' overjoyed for you guys!! I will continue to pray that the process will be smooth so you can be connected with precious little Ruthie very soon. I can't wait to meet her too! And, of course, I had to comment on the entry with all the acronyms. I so get that! :)

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