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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Fruit of Hard Things

I have been thinking over the past week about how much my relationship with God has changed through this process. I feel like His Word is clearer, His purposes are greater, His presence closer, and His name sweeter. Beth Moore says in her book Believing God,

"I don't know a single person who truly seems to bear the mark of God's presence and power in his or her life who hasn't been asked by God to be obedient in a way that was dramatically painful. A cutting away of sorts is almost always involved in a life moving toward the Promised Land"

I am certainly a believer of that these days and I have more examples. I was at dinner the other night with a few girl friends and we were sharing stories of what God has been teaching us. One of them just went through a very difficult divorce and she survived that time by immersing herself in prayer and scripture. She is a different person, for the better, on the other side of that because of what God has taught her through the process. Another lady there is in a difficult job situation and she spoke of all that God was teaching her. As hard as it is to stay there, her life and other's lives are being changed by God through the staying and she is a better person because of it.

If you had asked me several years ago what I wanted for my life, I would have told you something like healthy kids, a nice enough home, a job I liked that was secure, a healthy marriage, and just to be normal. I have learned though that it is in the trials that our character is formed and our relationship with Christ strengthened. Most of the things that make me who I am today were not easy.

Living in Houston, I sometimes feel like an ant in the colony. I just go from place to place bumping into people on my way to the next stop. I don't want to live like that. I want to live a life that is marked by passion, purpose, and an authentic relationship with a Holy God. I can look back now and say that I am thankful for the long wait for our RA because I think I am a better person because of it.

Here are some pics of Ruthie's completed room. The first picture is Jack helping daddy put together her bed last night.


Melissa Henderson said...

Amazing! I love it! Love what God is doing and I love the room!

Barb Hardeman said...

Dearest Ginny,
You are weathering what Bill and I call a severe obedience. We were called by God to weather such an obedience over a loved child. God moved him on! Instead we received two beautiful daughters, but have had to suffer severe obedience with them. God is just SO FAITHFUL! His love so unsearchable, this ways so inscrutable! You are being called, fulfilled, empowered, filled, and so precious in His sight. Ruthie's room is a tribute of your love for her. It's beautiful, so designed by love and compassion, just like His. I wonder what your room in His mansion will look like?
I love you guys....

KarenD said...

Ruthie's room is perfect!

Shannon Miller said...

Oh her room is so sweet!!!!!!!! She will love it! What you are saying here is SO true. One of my mentors once siad that where she wanted to be in life was at the foot of the cross and in order to do that she needed to be doing things that were bigger than she was...that is right where you are my friend!

Wife of the Pres. said...

It's beautiful for a beautiful little girl!!! YEAH!!! Can't wait until your TA comes. Praying soon and very soon!

BTW, we put S in a queen-sized bed and she LOVES it. A bit older than Ruthie but it worked for us. Just thought as she grows, you might be surprised that she can maybe transition into a big bed!! :)

Jenn said...

LOVE her room!! Can't wait to see pictures of her IN it!! SOON!!


bsuarez said...

Hey girl...her room looks super cute!! Where did you get her bedding?? I spoke with Elita about the Bow Party with the Women's ministry and I think its a GREAT idea!! Just let me know when a good time will be? Aug. will be better but I know you will be busy getting your little girl so just let me know. I can make you some bows to take with you to China if you want...it will be my gift to little Ruthie! Congrats on your precious Angel!

Amy E. said...

Her room is precious and I know she will love it.

Our God is so very good and his timing is always perfect....but sometimes is used to hone us into who He needs us to be.

Still praying

TanyaLea said...

Oh how CUTE!! I love the flower pots you made for the flowers to be "planted" in, too! The colors are so fun...we DO have similar taste. The funny thing is, I was going to stripe the pink paint below the chair rail in Khloe's room, too. I just got too lazy and wanted to be done with it. But I love how your's turned out...just adorable! And that is SUCH a cute toddler bed. Love the padded toy box / window seat, too! :)


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