Thursday, June 18, 2009

Movin' Along with Some New Things to Pray For

First, let me say THANK YOU SARA FOR MY NEW HEADER! Isn't it great to have friends with cool skills who don't mind using those skills to bless their friends? Sara you rock!

We received our first set of travel planning documents today. They gave us the projected travel dates of July 30-Aug 12th. I was a little dissapointed because I was hoping we would travel a a week or 2 earlier than that. Jack starts school the week after we would get back and so that could be crazy and would not give him much time with her before he is gone most of the day. Trips go about about every 2 weeks so there is probably a group leaving around the 15th of July. I am praying that our TA comes quick enough for us to jump in with that group even if it is at the last minute. I figure it is my turn to have my paperwork arrive early. :)

You can also pray for the financial numbers. This trip is obviously going to be very expensive and taking the boys with us makes it more. Things like the price of our plane tickets, hotel, etc could fluctuate enough to make a big difference in cost. We are also trying to see if skipping the Beijing touring could save us a lot. Please pray that we are pleasantly surprised by how low these final numbers are.

Thanks again for walking this road with us.
Officially the mom of Ruthie now!


Jenn said...

Know that whenever you go, it's the Lord's perfect timing! :)

Before you know it, you'll have Ruthie in your arms!

Amy E. said...

Woo Hoo!!
Been catching up on reading blogs today..and of course couldn't skip yours..but it seems I have missed a good bit!!

Congratulations MOM to Ruthie!!
So very excited but will be praying you guys TO China and BACK home!