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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Peace, M&Ms, and a Box of Animal Cookies

Today has been a nice day to just not worry. We received a tracking number for our RA/LOA and it should be here tomorrow for us to sign and then overnight back to our agency. They are planning on sending it to China on Friday. The next step is to wait for our TA, but we can talk about that later.

So last night I was putting together a package to mail to Ruthie that contained a photo album of her new family, M&Ms, animal cookies, and bubbles. My plan is to have the boys then give her animal cookies and M&Ms when they first meet her and we will also bring along more bubbles to our Gotcha meeting. I am hoping this will help her connect with us if she can remember the package and then recognize the items again. We will see.

So when I was sitting in bed stuffing the package, my blue bracelet broke and the beads went all over the floor. I put on that bracelet several weeks ago as a reminder to put the master before the mission and I have not taken it off since then. Trent laughed when it broke at the irony of the timing. It may have been coincidence, but I like to think it was God telling me that I succeeded. A friend of mine says "Coincidence is the hand of God in the midst of time". That works for me.

A friend of mine made this and sent it to me. I so need to get her to help me make a new header for the blog because she has some serious skills in this area. Hint hint Sara... The picture of Ruthie walking cracks me up because she looks so mad. No doubt I will see that face again- probably when the M&Ms and Animal Crackers run out.


Shannon Miller said...

Oh! She is just so beautiful!!!! I love looking at her picture! I'm sure that she will love the care package! And Yes she will remember it because you are gong to travel so soon!!!!!

Jenn said...

I came back again just to read that you got your RA again! Are you just pinchin' yourself!?! Oh! I'm so excited for you!! She is just an absolute doll and I can't wait to see the smiles on her face after she is home!


Barb Hardeman said...

Even though I read your posts yesterday, I didn't have time to comment. Oh, how precious your sweet little Ruthie is! I haven't a clue what an RA or a TA is, but I'm sure thrilled that you got your RA! I know it's something to do with ACCEPTANCE, so that is such a good report. I hope things move very quickly for you now. I'm praying so much for your family and that it would become complete. Oh, isn't she beautiful? Just gorgeous.

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