Saturday, June 6, 2009


I am back from Family Camp.   As always, it was a refreshing time of spiritual growth in the midst of family bonding.  I learned a lot and I am still trying to process it all so I can hopefully share it with you soon.  

From what I understand, our agency did not receive any RAs this week.  This is a little odd because they tend to come at least every two weeks and this last Thursday was a 2 week mark.  When we did not receive a call on Thursday I really hoped and somewhat expected to receive one Friday.  Friday afternoon I went on a cattle round up and did not have my phone on me.  I was really hoping Leah, my family coordinator, would call then just so I could call her back and say,  
"Sorry I missed your call Leah, I was rounding up the cattle".  I bet she has never heard that one before.  

While I am processing the lessons of family camp, I will leave you with one cool thing I heard this week.  This dear Chinese nanny I met told me that "I love you" in Chinese sounds like "What I need".  How great is that?  
Yes Ruthie that is what you need and God willing I will bring it to you very soon.

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