If you have visited here before, you can probably see that I have changed the name of the blog again. I started blogging at 4URuthie to tell the story of our journey to adopt our 1st daughter. I changed it to Mountains for Maggie when we were praying for God to move mountains on behalf of our 2nd daughter. Well now it is no longer just Ruthie’s or Maggie’s stories. It is now our family's story, and the stories of those we share life with, as we Conquer Mountains together. Both ConqueringMountains.net and 4URuthie.blogspot will lead here.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Website and Ways to Pray

Blogger is down in China right now so I created another website to post our updates to. I shouldn't have trouble accessing this other site. Here is the web address. It's a little rough right now, but I have 20 hours on airplanes to try and pretty it up for you. :) Here is the link:

Here are some ways you can be praying:

1. Pray that our flights go well and that we don't sit near anyone who is sick and would cause us to be quarantined. Pray also that we aren't sick. Pray also for safe trips back home. Trent will be coming home a week earlier than me.

2. Pray for Jack and Sam. They have never been away from us for more than 3 days so this is going to be really hard for them. Pray Jack will be a good big brother and comfort Sam. Pray Sam will be able to express his insecurity in positive ways. Also, pray for good health for them while we are gone.

3. Pray for Papa and Grandi who are keeping Jack and Sam that God would renew their energy and patience each day.

4. Pray for our Gotcha day Monday. I have been told that Ruthie's age is one of the hardest to transition because they are old enough to know that things are really different, but not old enough to express themselves well. Pray God would prepare her little heart and that we would be overwhelmed by how well it goes.

5. Pray that we are able to go see her orphanage. This is usually possible but has been restricted lately due to swine flu. I would love to be able to go and take pictures of her orphanage for her to have someday. I also want to meet and talk to the nannies who have been taking care of her. Please pray that we get this opportunity.

6. Finally, please just pray for an overall smooth trip that is filled with God's presence and provision.

Thank you so much for caring enough to follow our journey and lift us up in prayer.
I will fly home with Ruthie on the afternoon of 7/24. Anyone who wants is welcome to meet us at the airport.


kimberlysink said...

i am printing out your prayer request list & keeping it close. we are totally blessed to be sharing this journey with you! i hope you gave trent's dad our phone number. we will be happy to help with the kids in ANY way. we love you all!

Barb Hardeman said...

Will be praying for you. Hugging you as you prepare to go...

KarenD said...

Can I come see you at church on the 26th? Wow, I wonder what Ruthie's first day at Heritage Park would be like.

bsuarez said...

She looks like a daddy's girl already!! I'm so happy for your family...I can't wait to meet her! :)

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Just saw your GOTCHA photos! She is beautiful! Congrats!

TanyaLea said...

Prayers are going up...Have a blessed journey to your daughter and enjoy your time in her homeland! She is just so precious!

God bless! <><

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