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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What God Did! If you Read any of these, READ THIS ONE!

It is 5 am and I can't sleep.  Too excited.  I feel like I should do a better job at letting everyone know what God did this week just so you can see how big and close our Father is.

Weeks ago I was in the book store and felt this incredible stirring to buy Beth Moore's Believing God.  I went in to buy another book specifically but walked out with that one.  This was during our abnormally long wait for our RA/LOA.  

We waited >150 days for our RA/LOA (i stopped counting) when the average wait is around 70.  This was very difficult for us as we "expected" to travel much sooner.  Imagine being 9 months pregnant and the only way you can deliver is if someone CALLS YOU and tell you that it is ok. Oh and by the way, they may randomly decide to take their sweet time by several months.  I digress. Sorry

We missed a major group of RA/LOAs in May that I was just sure ours was going to be in.  This was the first group out after the swine flu silence for a month (they didn't send anyone anything) and the people who were getting their paperwork were matched at least a month after us.  

Anyway, about the time we got our RA/LOA (Praise God!) I was wrapping up Beth's book and the last few chapters were on believing God for something big that He wants to do in your life.  This is not a "name it claim it" teaching but instead about looking at God's will and believing that He can bring it about.  We got an email that our projected travel was July 30th.  This was really sad for us because it was so much later than what we had hoped.  I remembered what I had read in Beth's book and ventured into asking what group left before that.   The travel coordinator said, "we are sending a group on July 9th but your TA would have to get here by the 3rd and that is not likely".  That was her very polite way of saying, "good luck but your are going the 30th".    

At that point, Trent and I decided to start praying for a "July 3rd TA miracle".  That is when we involved everyone here in praying for the same- not because we are entitled, but because God wants to do big things for those who love Him when it is consistent with His will. 

Can I say that this was SO HARD FOR ME!  I didn't want to get my hopes up to where the "no" would be harder.  I had been there and didn't want to go through that again.  I also didn't want to miss out on God's best because I was more interested in protecting my heart. 

Well, July 3rd came with NO TA and to my surprise, our agency was closed that day!  I really didn't have a peace about giving up yet.  I can't explain it.  On Monday,  WE GOT THE CALL! Of course, at that point we were one day late.  Now we had to petition China to make an exception for us.  This is HUGE.  Just the fact that our agency was willing to do this is HUGE!  You prayed.  We groaned.  And God said YES!!!!!  People don't travel in 2 days.  I have heard once of someone going in 3.  I know Stephen Curtis Chapman's wife went quickly to get their 2nd because of SARS, but she is Stephen Curtis Chapman's wife and I am sure the doors of wherever can open for her.  But the fact that God, creator of the universe, would look down on our family and this little girl to make this happen is nothing short of a miracle. 

I hope you look at Him differently today because of what you have seen him do here.  

Oh and the crazy part.... We are traveling with the group who got their RA/LOAs in MAY!!! You know, the group we missed that we should have been in after the swine flu hold that everyone was so shocked we weren't in.   I know something for sure today, GOD HAS A PLAN and IT IS PERFECT.  HE WILL BRING IT TO PASS and even when He seems late, HE IS RIGHT ON TIME.

Be Blessed


Jennifer Bacak said...

Ginny- I just saw your post on FB about your adoption! So exciting! We have adopted twice, domestically, and my brother Brian just adopted two from Ethiopia.
I'm excited for you guys and your growing family!
To God be the glory!
Jenn (Seay) Bacak

Barb Hardeman said...

He is able! He is just so ABLE! Praising Him for being so Able in your lives!

Rose said...

What a great story, congratulations!

Wife of the Pres. said...

He is GREAT and greatly to be praised! Praising Him with you for this MIRACLE! It definitely is a miracle!!! While we see Him often as a God of last minute, as you say rightly He is always on time in light of eternity!

Now try to get some ZZZsss tonight!!!

Liz said...

You are right...PRAISE GOD! I'm so happy for you guys. I did Beth's Believing God study twice..once with a group and once leading a group. It was totally instrumental in my path to transformation. UNBELIEVABLE! Thanks for reminding me that God is still in the business of miracles and His timing is perfect. Love you guys! Have a safe and exciting trip!

Teresa Garcia said...

I am so VERY excited for you all! I have to admit I am a tad bit jealous also! We are still waiting on our TA, but we are believing to be in the next travel group - July 29th - we will leave a day early! I am sad we won't get to travel together, but thrilled for you all!
Blessings, Teresa Garcia

The Vinyards said...

I loved reading this post! God is just awesome. I can not wait to see your journey to Ruthie! Safe travels.

Melissa Henderson said...

Amen and Amen!

Carrie said...

Saw your site off anothers blog and was told you may need some prayer a few weeks back. I put you on my pray list and wanted to check if you were in China yet! God is so good. I am so happy for you! If you could pray for us we are day 84 waiting on LOA! I hope you will be able to Blog In China it will be neat to follow your journey!

Downey Family said...

We just have to know that it's His time and not ours and that is what makes it all so tough. Wishing you many blessing on the journey ahead! So excited to watch it unfold.


David and Sarah said...

Just found your blog through another blog. Praise God for the miracles that He loves to do on behalf of His children. He LOVES the orphan. He is good!!!


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