Friday, July 3, 2009

Not Looking Good

I just found out that our agency is closed today for the 4th. That shouldn't surprise me. Everyone else is off and these people work super hard and deserve the day, but I am not sure how that affects "it has to be here by the 3rd". The reason she said the 3rd is because you have to give the province a weeks notice and "gotcha day" is always the Monday after you travel. I am pretty sure that the group leaving on the 9th is probably the group of healthy referrals that came in from Ruthie's province in May. I have already sent an email to see if we could beg the province to let us give them less notice if it arrives on Monday since we are sending a group there anyway. It's another long shot but I am not giving up yet.


Cheri said...

I'm praying that God will move mountains! I do know of a family that left with 3 days notice. I think sometimes it has to do with CA appointments as well.

Lynette said...

Hello. I am just starting out considering China adoption, and came across your blog. Saying a prayer for you. He knows best, and I trust that He will take care of you, and your beautiful little one in China.

Kathy said...

You are in my prayers. Remember
Isaiah 45:1-3.
I posted from my devotional today on
my blog about delayed blessings.
Maybe it will encourage you in the
wait. It has me as we wait for our RA.
May you feel His peace come over you
as you wait for your TA.

In Him,

Natalie said...

Keep that faith...We're praying with you! You were one of my first thoughts when I woke up this morning! Talked to God a long time about your situation...He already knew, of course, but I talked anyway...LOL!

Praying and believing....

Natalie :)

Amy E. said...

Praying for you girl! praying for perfect timing in all things.