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Friday, July 24, 2009


It is so good to be a part of the church and to have so many wonderful friends. First of all, you guys were all awesome to comment on Ruthie's web page during our travel. Several of you said that you would look at it first thing in the morning. Well know that I was looking at it first thing in the morning too in order to read all of your kind comments. And the blessing has just continued... 4 of my friends came over to my house yesterday to clean it before I got home. I am sure that it took all 4 of them too. I am not sure if I should be relieved or concerned that I have no idea what it looked like when they got here. Thanks girls for blessing me in this way.

When Ruthie and I landed in Houston, we were met by 50 friends holding signs and balloons. It was so sweet to see everyone there. One of the things that has been most incredible about this process has been getting to see how much everyone else has grown to love this child too. Thank you for sharing life with us.

We got home after 4:30 to a sign hanging in our yard that said "welcome home Ruthie" (Thank you Ellis'), ate a spaghetti dinner (Thank you Kimberly W), and then headed to Jack and Sam's t-ball game. There are few things more American than baseball. Ruthie did great at the game and Jack walked around telling everyone that his new little sister was there and she is from China. He also told one lady that Ruthie has hundreds of friends at her orphanage but we don't have enough money to get all of them. It was cute.

Now I have 3 kids (yes 3- not 2) in bed, I am half unpacked, I have a clean house, someone else cooked my dinner- what more could a girl want. Oh yeah and I have a husband snoring beside me. I guess some things didn't change while I was gone.

I am hoping to put some video together in the next day or so. It just killed me in China that I didn't have the right cords. Better late than never.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support

OMG- I forgot to put this in the original posting earlier, but when I got home, my house had several framed pictures of Ruthie that my friend Kimberly Sink brought by. Thank you Kimberly for thinking of that. They have been fun to find.


Amy E. said...

Oh Ginny...so glad you are all home. I just LOVED what Jack said about all of Ruthie's friends..words from precious children are priceless.
I have so enjoyed being a part of your journey thru Blogdom...and you all are in my prayers.
Have the most wonderful weekend, especially Sunday.

Kim Stevens said...

Ginny, I know you are sooo glad to be home! And - I imagine your boys were beside themselves to get both you & Ruthie on Texas soil! :) I hope your next days and weeks will be peaceful as you all adjust to the new dynamic in your home. Love to all

kimberlysink said...

welcome home! it was SO great to see you today! ruthie looks like a little doll...precious. i wanted to scoop her up so bad today, but i didn't want to scare her! i've missed commenting the last week b/c our austin hotel's computer was way too slow & wouldn't let me! i can't believe you are already half unpacked! oh, wait...yes, i can! i cannot WAIT to see the video! are you showing it sunday night???

Natalie said...

So glad to know you and Ruthie are safely home with the rest of the family, Ginny! I have thought about all of you so much today.

I'll be leaving town in the morning and will be gone for a week but can't wait to return and watch the videos you have!

It's been an honor to go on this journey with you and your family. Can't wait to see what else God has in store! Will continue praying for all of you!


Natalie :)

Rose said...

I'm so glad that you are home and things are going well!

Kathy said...

So glad you all are home at last. I started following you while you all were in China. Your family is beautiful ! Congratulations !

Trent said...

Just for the record, I am confident that I was merely breathing deeply...

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

So glad you are home, and what wonderful support you have! Welcome Home RUTHIE!

Jennie said...

How absolutely wonderful. What a gift from God. You, Trent and your beautiful THREE children are in my prayers. Much love, Jennie McLeod Kennedy ;)

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