Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Oh my goodness we are spinning like crazy with last minute details. I am so glad that I did a lot this weekend or today really would have been nuts. Why I decided to work a 1/2 day today I don't know. Nuts I tell you!

We just got our itinerary and here it is. I feel like I am floating in a dream. "Floating" because all this hyperventilating is depriving me of oxygen and "dream" because up until now I have just dreamed about this day!


Adoption Itinerary
July 9th –July 23rd

v Thursday, July 9th Depart for Beijin

v Friday, July 10th Arrive in Beijing

v Saturday, July 11th Beijing Sight-Seeing: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace

v Sunday, July 12th Beijing Sightseeing: Church Service, Great Wall

Gotcha Day!

v Monday, July 13th Morning-flight to Chongqing

Afternoon-meet Peng Wen Mei

v Tuesday, July 14th Civil Affairs Appointment

v July 15th -16th Paperwork, Sightseeing & Shopping

v Friday, July 17th Flight to Guangzhou (Trent goes home)

v Saturday, July 18th Medical Exam

v Sunday, July 19th Consulate Paperwork

v Monday, July 20th Sightseeing & Shopping

v Tuesday, July 21st Consulate Appointment

v Wednesday, July 22nd Pick up Child’s Visa

v Thursday, July 23rd Depart from Guangzhou Flight Home from Hong Kong


Rose said...


Barb Hardeman said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Screaming with utter delight!!!! I'm so excited I'm in tears! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!

Singing - Oh how He loves you and me, Oh how he loves you and me.....

My God is an Awesome God He reigns from Heaven above, with wisdome, Power and might, Our God is an AWESOME GOD!


Shannon said...

SO SO SO excited for you!!!!!! Ruthie only has a few more sleeps until she is in your arms and gets smothered with goodnight kisses!!!! Here's hoping we jump on that plane right after you!!!!

Peggy said...

I recently learned that you and Trent were adopting a little girl from China. Ruthie is just beautiful. I know she will bring and add much joy and happiness to your already happy home.