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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Confessions of A Pastor's Wife

This morning I noticed that Trent sure was in a hurry to get out the door earlier than usual. Trent always leaves before us on Sundays and takes Jack with him, but this morning he was leaving especially early. So I took my morning and washed some clothes, gathered some other clothes for a family in our church, picked up a little, and got ready for church. Mid-morning Trent called and said that Jack's pants were falling down and asked if I would bring a belt. I said "sure we can come a little early and do that".

So at 9:45 (an hour before church starts at 10:45) I headed out the door and to the car with Sam and Ruthie. As I was loading the car I saw our neighbor kid Justin and asked if he was coming to church. He said no that he had slept too late. I pondered how church doesn't start for an hour and that it shouldn't take a 7-year old that long to change pants. Oh well.

About 1/2 way to church I remembered that I forgot deodorant. I looked at my clock saw that I was still 55 minutes early and turned around to go home and put on deodorant. A few seconds later I was back in the car and headed to church.

I decided to walk in the side door that is open to the sanctuary because we were still 40 minutes ahead of when Sunday school lets out and the room fills. Talking to Ruthie about how cute her shoes looked, I was shocked when I looked up and saw a room full of people. Suddenly, my conversation with Justin, Trent leaving unusually early, my conversation with Jack 2 days before about daylight savings time, and that reminder email that the associate pastor had sent me ALL flashed before my eyes. It was then that I realized that I must be the worst pastor's wife on the planet! Somehow all these people managed to remember that today was daylight savings time and with all the clues around me, it never even occurred to me this morning.

So see, pastor's wives have faults too (or at least this one does) and we get to make our mistakes in front of the whole congregation.

Oh and I did find Jack standing on the front row, holding his pants up with his hand, and singing. We got that belt on right in front of everyone. I figured that I had already been found out so why try and look like I had it together now.

Today's Side Note:
I rarely get pictures of all 3 kids together, but this week I managed to get 2.


Naomi said...

Oh that is too funny Ginny!!!

Actually, I would have forgotten too because our clocks do not go forward for another two weeks here in England!

Jenn said...

Too funny!! At least Trent remembered!! :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

So funny!

Would love to find that post you wrote about God calling you out of all your preadoption fears---I'm at the point that I'm excited but starting to get a little anxious too! Can't believe we are down to 10 days!

Shannon said...

Ahhhh! That is a crack up! I worked in the nursery at church on Sunday and about half of the parents came in 30 minutes into the service. Love you Ginny!

Eleanor said...

Frank made a joke about pointing at anyone who came in an hour late so count your self lucky he did not see you come in :)!

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